This is a special blog post on behalf of Autism Acceptance & Autistic Appreciation Month.  I’m autistic. Openly autistic and proud. Yes, like anyone else I have my good days […]

“I will call you when there are any upcoming hours.” I was put back to an on-call position at my workplace of eight years. This was a devastating loss for […]

… the bragger and feeding my ego Conscience vs Ego! Pick a side! When I volunteered back in 2012 with a youth basketball league I would hear the head coach […]

First love almost always equals also experiencing your first heartbreak. I thought I would marry my first love, I wanted my first relationship to be with someone who I thought […]

I never thought that I would actually travel in 2019. I was asked by my friend who is like a second mom to me if I wanted to go to […]


March 23, 2021

Skinny is overrated

Lisa K.

Skinny is overrated. The media puts so much pressure on many young girls and women. You have to be skinny to be attractive. You have to lift itty bitty one, […]

I was a big girl, well as a kid I was skinny until I was 11 years old and I gained a ton of weight over the summer. I would […]

One thing that many autistic people have had to learn is boundaries. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to us. No, it’s not that we don’t want to learn, […]

They say learning a language has many benefits. Languages – I was exempt from learning French in school and have always hated the language as it got shoved down my […]


October 16, 2020

Letting Love Find Me

Lisa K.

I’m THAT kind of person… That woman, that woman that has to come to you instead of you coming to me. JUST THE THOUGHT of a man approaching me makes […]