December 24, 2020

Willowjak’s Favourite Movies

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We all love to snuggle up and watch movies this time of year. So we’ve complied a list of our very favourites, enjoy!

Amy: The Holiday – This movie is the romantic tail of two women swapping homes for the holidays to leave beside broken hearts in their hometowns.  They come to find love, adventure and personal growth on their holiday home exchange.  I love this movie because every year I watch it with my two best friends and my family yet it never gets old. 

Tara: White Christmas – oh how I wish that I were alive back in the day of grand music and dancing. The story line is less important when compared with the music and dancing. 

Nicholas: Elf – Not even a debate. I will not dispute this with anyone. Will not. Will Ferrel is a comedic genius, and watching him act like a complete child for an hour and a half is one of my favourite holiday activities.

Steph: Love Actually- It’s the type of movie that makes me want to throw on my PJs and drink some hot chocolate. I refuse to watch it any other time of the year. That would take away some of the magic.

Ms. Devine: Love Actually – Though the premise isn’t about Christmas specifically, it’s a feel good, Rom-Com that takes place around Christmas time that I watch every year. My other favourite and go to is “Elf” because, let’s be real, who doesn’t want to love life, Christmas and Santa the way Buddy the Elf does?

Amanda: Die Hard – I don’t care that it was released in July it’s still a holiday movie. It takes place during his Christmas vacation. I was younger when this was released and even my Dad didn’t flinch as I laughed when John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) uttered: Yippie-kay-yay motherfucker. (Normally I was not allowed to say such words and would have been immediately taken to the sink and had my tongue washed with blue soap for even THINKING about the word.)

I also like Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys – Because of the Bumble and Yukon Cornelius. No holiday season is complete without a quick watch!

Allie: I love Elf – It’s unique, super funny and truly a movie that all ages can enjoy. 

Liza: Christmas with the Kranks – A quirky film about a family and neighbourhood coming together to celebrate Christmas. It’s a friendly reminder that family and friends are what really count during what can be a very extravagant holiday. Oh, and it’s hilarious. 

Deb: It’s A Wonderful Life – Because you always can use a reminder of the value of your life, to others, especially when things get rough.

Lauren: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and David E. Talbert’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Michelle S.B.: It’s not Christmas until I’ve watched “Love Actually.” Because… love really is all around us.

Fancy: Christmas Vacation is our family’s favorite.  It’s so full of one liners and jabs we laugh every time.  Even though it’s a comedy it does depict reality for a lot of us during the holidays- the stress of trying to do it all, worrying about not having enough time and/or money to fulfill everyone’s wishes, and dealing with difficult family dynamics.

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