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October 19, 2021

The Age of Temporariness

age of temporariness
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We’re back baby!! 

I feel like a lot has happened since I last wrote. So here’s the quickest update I can give you: I finished my job at Stacey’s house. Moved back to London. Settled into my new apartment. Moved into the group home I work at to fill a gap in live-in support workers. Started my full time job back at the group home. Moved out of my job once the gap was filled. Continued my job as a live out support worker. Voted in the election. Turned 22. Lots of stuff. Now, I’m not telling you all of this because I think you’re all interested in keeping up with my life even if perhaps you are.  

I am telling you this because I am living in the Age of Temporariness. My life as a young person is constantly in flux and that’s what I’m going to reflect on today.

I read this post online the other day about Age 18-24 Temporariness. It was essentially about how this age period is where everything is the most temporary. Our school. Our jobs. The people we meet at both. As young people we are barely settled anywhere for too long. Some of us, like me,  move away for school to a new city for a few years. Usually coming back and forth back to home throughout the year. We get part time jobs to help support us during school. But then sometimes we get different jobs in the summer. We do volunteer work to bulk up our resume. Switch up living situations and roommates all the time. We switch our programs. Join clubs. We meet people in a class or club that we’ll never see again. So on and so forth.

Before, I thought my degree was what holding me in this age of temporariness. It wouldn’t make sense to settle anywhere because I can’t get a job without a degree. I thought that when I finished my degree, it would become a whole lot clearer on what my life would look like. I stand to be corrected. 

Now, just turning the ripe age of 22 and finished my degree I am still very much in this age of temporariness. I feel like I’m kind of in between stages in my life right now. I still very much feel like I’m a student because my life hasn’t changed much, just a little more actual work and a lot less homework. So I’m kind of just waiting in this stage until something feels like a really right next step. 

Now, I do not want you to misunderstand: there are a lot of things in my life that aren’t temporary. My living and schooling situation may be rather short term, but my friendships aren’t. My job isn’t my forever job, but the connections I’ve made here are definitely a forever type of thing. So I don’t want you to read this and think I’m cutting off everyone and everything the second I get a better offer. I’m not. 

I’m just writing this because honestly I have such a love hate relationship with this stage I’m in. You may have read about what I do like about it in my piece The Opportunity of the Unknown. This is a fun stage because my future is so unknown and that holds so much hope and opportunity. I like this stage because I’m not really held down by anything. If I wanted to move across the country tomorrow I could. I won’t. But I could. 

On the other hand, this stage of life can be really annoying. For me, it’s hard to make a decision when there really isn’t anyone telling me what to do. When I graduated high school, for me, university was the obvious next step. It’s what I wanted to do, so I found a university and went. But now I could get a job, I could go back to school, I could do all of the above or something completely different. While this may be a fun stage because the future is so unknown and holds so much hope and opportunity it holds just as much worry and doubt. The amount of unknowns can definitely feel overwhelming at times. 

But, all I’m trying to focus on for now is that I’m happy and good. And that’s what matters. I know this age of temporariness won’t last forever which is both a good and terrifying thing. And that’s okay. Life would be boring if we always knew what was next, even though it may feel a lot easier at times. 

Thanks for taking the time to read.

x Liza 

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