April 25, 2022

A Few of my Favourite Things

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My blog started as a way to document my journey to wellness, but turned into a place to be inspired by others through our collective messy & authentic stories. Now it's my favourite place to be.

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A Christmas turkey dinner.  People who help without making you feel burdensome. Shirts that still look crisp and fresh after the wash. Compliments not focused on physical appearance. A really great morning stretch. Watching reality television with good company. Likewise – wine with good company. Putting soft cream on my tight, freshly washed face. That clicky sound of long nails on a keyboard. When people are excited to see me. When I feel loved. Giving a dog a belly rub. Grocery store sushi. People who message you just to say hi. Drive-thrus, I love drive-thrus. Tacos, I love tacos. Contagious laughs. People with my same type of humour. When people unapologetically love themselves. Deciding to let things go. Freckles. A fresh haircut. Sincere hearts. Chai lattes. Good music. Country drives. Country drives with good music. When you finally learn all the lyrics. Road trips. Seeing kids play with kids who are different than them without question. When someone holds the door for you and you have to do a silly-slow-run-thing to catch up to them. Longs walks and long phone calls. When you find your perfect pair of jeans. Taking a high ponytail out of your hair. Finding a hair elastic at the bottom of your bag when you need it most. Sleeping under four blankets. Flat pillows. Rewatching childhood movies. Cracking my knuckles. Chapstick. Chapstick. Chapstick. New shoes. Dog breath. The face people make when they a word is on the tip of their tongue. Selflessness. Taking the first bite of really good food. Sleeping in. Dollarstore decor. Drama free people. Down to earth people. Sunshine. Rainy days.  A good balance of sunshine and rainy days. When people can laugh at themselves. People who don’t question or challenge others’ boundaries. Ice cream. Calling people into conversations rather than calling them out. Happy people around campfires. Forks. Seeing a family gathering through a window on a dark night. When people remember things about me. When people remember things about me and then ask about those things. When people check themselves out in a mirror. When people like what they like and don’t care what the world tells them they should like. Late night walks. Early morning alarms to catch an airplane. The encouragers. When your hiccups finally go away. Seeing people finally get what they have been waiting for. Online shopping. The colour pink. Belly laughs. Being silly. Learning from mistakes. Loving parents. Tiktok. When the oven is finallllyy preheated. Snacks. Kindness. Sweatpants. Giving gifts. Giving time. Looking at old pictures. Pretending I’m a good singer in the car. Country music radio. Pop culture trivia. Musicals. Happy tears. Proud smiles. I missed you hugs. People who are open to change. People who get really excited about seeing deer in the woods. People who love what they do. People who use their turn signal. Welcome homes. Busy days. Laying on a beach days. The snooze button. Quirky student houses. A full tank of gas. Leaving the dentist’s office knowing I don’t have to go back for a long time. Hairdresser hair washes. Exceptionally nice service people. People who are exceptionally nice to service people. Grandparents. Stand up comedy. Errands. Errands. Errands. Especially with company. Go-getters. Face masks. Creative solutions. New jars of peanut butter. People who make inclusion a priority and not an afterthought. Fresh sheets out of the laundry. All sorts of allies. Ice water. Cold Diet Coke. Oreos. Thoughtful surprises. Foodies. Reliable mentors. Last minute plans. Showwweeerrrsss. Community. Big dreamers. Generous helpers. Crisp autumn air. Being understood. A lucky thrifting haul. Anything chocolate. Thoughtfulness. Excited screams. Best friends. Deep thinkers. Feeling needed. Feeling productive. Coffee shops. Small towns. Coffee shops in small towns. Brunch. Getting enough sleep. Chips at Mexican restaurants. Unexpected mail. People who aren’t scared of difference. Being trusted. Brand spakin’ new socks. 

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