December 14, 2021

The Rain

Time to Notice the Rain

Nicholas M.

I had a weird few months this last quarter of 2021. Life was moving so incredibly fast. Work piled onto me and the things I was learning weren’t being fully […]

I can vividly recall the moment I thought my summer was ruined. Over a Zoom call, an excited Captain sealed the fate of myself and six of my soon-to-be graduated […]

Take a look at the items in this photo. As I entered my seemingly umpteenth isolation period since the beginning of 2020, this time in anticipation of an important career […]

Nothing, really. And neither do you. Or anyone, for that matter. All that we know is that there is more to learn. And that is the beauty of new experiences, […]


January 11, 2021

What I Have Learned as a Runner

Nicholas M.

I’ve always been an active guy. I grew up playing baseball, soccer (for a very brief time), and football. In elementary school, I took home a couple shiny ribbons for […]

For most people, Christmas is a wonderful time of year, regardless of your religious denomination (or if you don’t have one at all). Winter is beginning and with that we […]


December 23, 2020

Christmas Crack

Nicholas M.

Christmas crack! It’s delicious and definitely not nutritious, but that’s the best part about Christmas. Diets go out the window for a bit of time! It literally melts in your […]


October 11, 2020

In My Shoes

Nicholas M.

I stood at my dying grandfather’s bedside on September 29th, 2020 (my mother’s birthday), unsure how to feel. When I saw him last, in March of 2020, he was as […]