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August 25, 2021

Dear Liv,

girl on her graduation day

Marilyn R.

(and every young adult beginning a new journey at post secondary programs,) As a high school teacher, I get to watch young people grow from an uncertain 14 year old […]

A decade ago I had just given birth to my second son.  Our family was growing, and I had no clue what was in store for us. In the first […]

This past month I bought a ribbon skirt. A ribbon skirt is worn by indigenous women. It’s a way of showing your indigenous heritage, showing resilience, and some even say it […]

As a Métis woman on Canadian holidays, I live on both sides of the line. This past weekend was May 24 – the May long weekend. Queen Victoria’s birthday celebration […]

Boundaries. They are always hard for me to set. Since recovering from depression and anxiety, I’ve learned to set boundaries for my mental health.  One of the most important boundaries […]


April 7, 2021

Accepting Hearing Loss

Marilyn R.

If you had asked me 3 years ago about my hearing, and I’d have said there was nothing wrong with it.  If you had asked me in Sept 2019 when […]

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March 11, 2021

Everyday Blessings

Marilyn R.

The snuggle of a child The purr of a kitten A Nuzzle from the dog Kiss of a spouse Laughter from a student Smile of a coworker  Compliment from a […]


February 12, 2021

Dear Michelle…

Marilyn R.

As encouragement for blog writing this month, Stacey suggested we think about replying to a blog entry from someone else. I immediately thought of a specific post. This is my […]

Dreams.  I used to have dreams as a kid. Not the kind where you’re sleeping and your subconscious takes over. The kind where you dream (while fully awake) of what […]

Caregiving, Disability

January 7, 2021


Marilyn R.

Editor’s Note: This post was written in December before Christmas and before the province of Ontario declared a province-wide lockdown. Well it happened.  My son’s class had a positive case […]