I never thought I’d share this video. It’s not a pretty one, but it’s a real one. I’ve had a handful of panic attacks in my life. The first time, […]


September 2, 2021

Little Wins With Dr. Jen, ND

Little Wins With Dr. Jen, ND

Dr. Jen Parsons, ND

Introducing a new series called ‘the Little Wins’, because little wins add up to major transformation, especially when we celebrate them everyday. If you’d like to follow Dr. Jen on […]

“Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.” ― Wally Lamb, She’s Come Undone That is a quote from one of my favourite books of all time. When […]


August 4, 2021

Making Friends With Food

mindful eating

Dr. Jen Parsons, ND

What is your relationship with food? Not what you eat, but how much? or when? Before you grab something, do you ponder if you deserve it? Do you justify eating […]

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July 21, 2021

Lessons From My Quirky Kid

lessons from my quirky kid - Dr. Jen Parsons, ND on dock

Dr. Jen Parsons, ND

When I was 9-years old, my elementary school asked us to fill out a ‘time capsule‘ template to be buried for 25 years. While I vaguely remember doing it, I […]

Why can’t I sleep 3 days before my period? Those who know, know. After a string of sound zzzz’s, one night you fall asleep as normal and wake up at […]

It’s not what you’d expect When people ask me why I became a naturopathic doctor, I usually give some sort of response like “I was always interested in preventative health […]

You thought hormonal ups and downs ended in your teenage years. But your 40s hit and SURPRISE! You get puberty in reverse. All the hormonal roller coaster but with more […]

Dr. Jen is our resident naturopath based out of Toronto and since the beginning, she has been providing us with a catalogue of valuable and practical advice to approach some […]

Today Dr. Jen talks about her own procrastination and some new tricks she’s added to avoid falling into the trap, in the name of self-care. Here’s to hoping you get […]