Caregiving, Disability

September 8, 2021

Supermoon Mama

DDX3X and Autism

Steph D.

Before I begin, there are three things you need to know about me: 1 – I am NOT a writer. Far from it. 2 – I have been home with […]

Being a parent to a child like Maeve comes with so many challenges. Every holiday, birthday or really any old celebration, causes me so much anxiety. Both of my girls […]

I know a lot of parents can relate to this during the toddler years, but Maeve cannot handle so much as a drop of water on her clothing. She is […]

The first time I heard Maeve’s giggle, my heart just melted. It was such an unexpected deep belly laugh coming out of such a tiny baby. She still has the […]

I’m about to invite you into our home. Join me as we walk through the front door. Oops watch out! You don’t want to trip over the mountain of shoes […]

With everything that goes on with Maeve, it is easy to let her take over all aspects of my life. When I sleep, eat, go out, work out, go to […]

When I started writing this, I hadn’t yet read Amanda’s post on Sisters. There must be something in the air. Either that, or we are both competitive and trying to […]

Caregiving, Disability

February 9, 2021

Missing My People

Steph D.

Last time I spoke about Maeve’s exclusion, now I want to talk about mine. Listen…I warned you all in the beginning, that I am a complainer!  As a parent of […]

I suppose that one of my greatest fears is that Maeve won’t have a friend. It is truly what I want more than anything. I am not nearly as worried […]

My husband and my 9 year old are constantly making fun of me. They think that I am a big ole chicken. They aren’t wrong, I am actually afraid of […]

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