I used to feel guilty for not being ambitious. Despite people constantly giving me recommendations on what I should do to make money, I have never been motivated by it. […]

Caregiving, Disability

September 8, 2021

Supermoon Mama

DDX3X and Autism

Steph D.

Before I begin, there are three things you need to know about me: 1 – I am NOT a writer. Far from it. 2 – I have been home with […]

Being a parent to a child like Maeve comes with so many challenges. Every holiday, birthday or really any old celebration, causes me so much anxiety. Both of my girls […]

I know a lot of parents can relate to this during the toddler years, but Maeve cannot handle so much as a drop of water on her clothing. She is […]

The first time I heard Maeve’s giggle, my heart just melted. It was such an unexpected deep belly laugh coming out of such a tiny baby. She still has the […]

I’m about to invite you into our home. Join me as we walk through the front door. Oops watch out! You don’t want to trip over the mountain of shoes […]

With everything that goes on with Maeve, it is easy to let her take over all aspects of my life. When I sleep, eat, go out, work out, go to […]

When I started writing this, I hadn’t yet read Amanda’s post on Sisters. There must be something in the air. Either that, or we are both competitive and trying to […]

Caregiving, Disability

February 9, 2021

Missing My People

Steph D.

Last time I spoke about Maeve’s exclusion, now I want to talk about mine. Listen…I warned you all in the beginning, that I am a complainer!  As a parent of […]

I suppose that one of my greatest fears is that Maeve won’t have a friend. It is truly what I want more than anything. I am not nearly as worried […]

  1. Kirsty says:

    I thought you were going to make me cry again, but I didn’t. Know why? Because I truly believe Maeve will have a BFF that isn’t you or O. And no, not even me (but we know I stay winning deep inside her best). How can she not? In her presence I barely pay attention to you because I am too busy trying to relax the ridiculously huge smile she puts on people’s faces without even trying.

    When you are least hoping and looking for it, she will connect with someone who only laughs with her, never at her. Someone who won’t leave her behind, no matter what. She may still be waving O off more often than she would like, but one or two amazing friends will mean more to her than a dozen acquaintances. And that person (or persons) will absolutely be the absolute luckiest.

    • Steph says:

      Well now you went and made me cry!

      I know you are right. I have to stop being such a paranoid protective mom. It just does not come as easily to her, I have to learn some patience ♥️ She is definitely worth the effort!

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