March 9, 2022


Laura M.

My Dad often told me I was “born responsible”.  I was the kid that didn’t need much “watching over“ as I grew up. I was in the middle, the only […]

Caregiving, Disability

November 2, 2021

Getting It Right

Getting It Right Superheroes

Laura M.

Hallowe’en: a day when we get it right.  Strangers come to us, beautiful, ugly, odd or scary, and we accept them without question, compliment them, treat them kindly, and give […]

Hearing Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings admittedly make me sad, a little hollow. Not because everyone should celebrate what I celebrate. These salutations just don’t say enough about what this […]

  1. […] I invite you to read her previous guest post from last year as we approached the Christmas season “Faith is the Longing in Our Very Core”. […]