As someone who prides herself on trusting her gut, I’m not sure why I keep pushing myself to stick with something, hoping it will magically get better. This is with […]

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November 23, 2021

All In

Amanda C.

In the spirit of trying to spend my time focusing on the people and things that really matter to me, I’ve decided to go all in this holiday season. Deb […]


October 29, 2021

Deadline Driven

deadline driven

Amanda C.

I’ve been thinking a lot about deadlines lately. Probably because I’ve been dealing with a lot of them at work. I mean, many people are working toward some kind of […]

In a normal year, I’d be coming up to the end of summer by noting the last week of the CNE and trying to sort out a visit to the […]

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August 16, 2021

Puppy Love

german rottweiler puppy love when you're not a dog person

Amanda C.

Puppy Love When You’re Not a Dog Person It’s taken 40-some odd years, but my sister somehow managed to turn me into a dog person. I suppose it’s more accurate […]

One of my – personality quirks – is that I worry. I worry a lot. When I was younger, there were definitely things I didn’t worry about enough. And now […]

It’s still a struggle, people. While I understand that I’m closer than I’ve ever been to being able to hug people outside of my household in the past 15 months, […]

In my last post I was feeling a little miserable, and tried to cheer myself up by writing about one of the ways I find comfort – through food (specifically pizza). […]


April 23, 2021

Some Pizza Mind

Amanda C.

If you live in Ontario and are in and around the GTA, it’s been one hell of a past week. Things are feeling bleak and though I thought I had […]

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March 29, 2021

March Madness

Amanda C.

The month of March, much like many of the 12 months previous, has felt like a complete and utter shit show. And I know I really don’t have a lot […]